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Wishes & Commands- Why You Should Hire A Designer

Updated: Aug 9

Interior designers are a special sort who craft their days around being the genie in a bottle that a blank floor plan needs. However, with the advent of social media and professional editing apps, the internet has made the artistry of interior design and decoration seem as easy as a Tik Tok transition! For this reason, many people try, some actually succeed—- then question why they would need a designer in the first place.

Why not just save the money and take the DIY route? There are enough tutorials across the

internet to get anyone certified in DIY these days! Here are the top 3 reasons to hire a designer:

1.) They know more than you- Designers and decorators have access to resources,

discounts, warehouses, contractors, and vendors that the general public doesn't know a

thing about. They utilize these resources to create your wildest dreams within your

budget. They are familiar with blueprints, building codes, inspections regulations, and

accessibility standards. Allow them to keep that rose quartz tub you saw on Pinterest

from ending up in your neighbor's kitchen.

2.) Take something off your plate- Letting a professional handle this undertaking of your

creative desires for your space is one of the best things to do for your mental health.

You’ve got so much going on! There’s bills, businesses, kids, date night, family events,

friendships, and lets not forget the time you need for self care.... Real self care is

trusting a designer to do at least this for you.

3.) They know when to stop- Designers and decorators know what the finished product

looks like. Getting caught up in the minute details, getting lost in the fabric shops, always

wanting bigger, better—-traps the untrained designer in perpetual vortex of decorating. A

simple design inspo board can and will quickly transform into a money pit. Designers

know when to say no to certain fabrics and textures. They know when the execution is

outside of the common or desired outcome, and most importantly how to stick to


Designers have a level of passion and professionalism that is to be acknowledged and

respected. Wishes are whispered and designers magnify them to shine bright in your life!

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