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5 trends to try in your space in 2022

Updated: Aug 9

1. Natural elements - Bringing the outside in and green-ing up your spaces in 2022 offers a

fresh reset to your daily routine. It’s never off trend to find yourself trying out your green

thumb, reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. Traffic, pollution, bosses we hate,

the multiple hats we wear on the daily drain us. Bring some fresh air into the space, gain

new knowledge that will be the bridge to starting your own garden or learning how you

grow your own food. If you can keep that cactus alive, maybe try an aloe plant or a level

two house plant such as elephant ears.

2. Mindfulness spaces- 2022 is full of reasons to be grateful. Some show gratitude through

yoga and meditation. It's great to have a space in your home to attend mindfulness

classes virtually. Anyone in need of a quiet space to recharge after a long day could

include mindful elements such as: yoga mats, essential oil warmers, candles, singing

bowls, crystals, or a book nook.

3. Multi Functional Spaces- Being stuck in the house for two years we had to get creative

and make the absolute most out of every inch of our spaces. Kids playrooms turned into

classrooms, our bedrooms became gyms. Walk-in closets that were being used as our

private runways are now office spaces. Patios and sunrooms became yoga studios and

we may have benefitted from having to change our perspectives about the number of

ways our home could serve us.

4. Lasting Style/Sustainability- With all of the environmental concerns, sustainability is a

bell ringer in almost every industry. In home design, it means curtains made from

recycled fabric, plant-based leather couches and mattresses, and solar lighting. You can

do your part by installing eco-progressive pieces such as smart windows, light color

schemes, and water-efficient shower heads and faucets.

5. Periwinkle- Donned “ Very Peri” by Pantone Color Institute, this slightly more intense

version of the pastel pigment has been confirmed as the color of the year. Very fitting,

considering its reminiscence to the lavender plant that always adds a pop of color and

whimsy to every mixed bouquet. Consider small accents of “very peri” in the form of

place settings in the dining room, or try it out in the guest bathroom towel set. If it moves

you, dare to acquire a couch or set of chairs for the kitchen!

Give one or two of these trends a spin, and transform not just your space but your lifestyle!

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